I’ve been a professional writer of science fiction, fantasy, and other adventure tales my whole adult life – as in, forty years now and counting. I’ve also done time as a cowboy, semi-pro actor, computer support tech, and Albuquerque’s most popular all-night progressive rock DJ.

I live on Jupiter with my cats and a cat-loving dog named Emma.  I serve as MC for Life for Archon’s unequalled Masquerade, as well as, apparently, for our fine home-grown con Bubonicon.  I love reading, birding, games, recumbent cycling, firearms, hanging with friends, and walking Emma along the ancient irrigation ditches in Albuquerque’s scenic North Valley.

I’ve published over 100 novels, including the Prometheus Award-winning The Cybernetic Samurai, its sequel Cybernetic Shogun, CLD: Collective Landing Detachment, and numerous short stories.  I’m a founding member of the Wild Cards shared-world project, which has a movie in the works.

My work appearing in 2015 includes the novella “The Seeker: A Poison in the Blood,” in S. M. Stirling’s anthology The Change:  Tales of Downfall and Rebirth (June 15th), based on his best-selling Emberverse series, and what is as of now the last-ever novel in the Deathlands action/adventure series, currently entitled Wrath Child.

The big news by far is that my long-awaited (not least by me) novel The Dinosaur Lords, first volume of an epic fantasy cycle, will be released by Tor on July 28th, 2015.  It’s already attracting a great deal of buzz.  I’m excited about it, to say the least.

Thanks to my most excellent webmaster, Ron Miles, for rescuing, modernizing, and maintaining this site.  And thanks to all my friends and fans, whose love and support have literally kept me alive.

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