Launching Dinos!

Okay, now, this is seriously great.

This here is the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It happens to be owned by one George R. R. Martin.


Photo credit:  Nashville Arts Magazine 

And thanks to That American Tolkien Guy, it will also be the site of the World Premier Launch Party for a modest little tome I like to call The Dinosaur Lords on Monday, August 3rd, 2015.

Which also happens to be my 61st birthday. How cool is that?

On June 15th, 2015, The Cocteau is hosting a launch event for Steve “S. M.” Stirling’s epic Emberverse anthology, The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth. Which is going to be awesomesauce, not least because I have a story in it. It includes yarn from a mess of New Mexico authors, some you’ve heard of, and some you will. As well as various luminaries of SF&F who have the misfortune of living elsewhere.

Needless to say, I’ll be there. So should you be. Because the book’s great, and so is the Cocteau.

Anyway, so on New Year’s Eve George threw a bash up at the Cocteau, as he did last year. And as happened last year,  John Jos and Gail Gerstner-Miller were kind enough to drive me and my partner Wanda Day up to it, this time along with Wanda’s son Joey. (Luckily he, like his mom, is narrow.)

There were naturally a bunch of cool people there, many of whom happen to be my friends: GRRM himself and his wife Parris, of course; my old friend Melinda M. Snodgrass and Carl Keim; Ty “I’m one-half of James S. A. Corey!” Franck and his wife Jayné; Steve and Jan Stirling; Steve Gould and Laura Mixon; Trent Zelazny; my great good friend Patricia Rogers; Craig Chrissinger and Jessica Coyle; Raya Golden and Tyler Smith; Lenore Gallegos; and Jo Hastings. (Yeah, I’m sure I left somebody out; apologies.)

George had the party catered marvelously, including a lot of stuff I actually eat, like roast beef, salad, and fried chicken (once I peeled off the breading.) Last year we made the mistake of meeting the Stirlings at an upscale diner across the  street for dinner before the party; this year GRRM specifically advised us not to, and that was good.

Because one thing the Cocteau doesn’t have is a vast lobby, we were told to go into the theater proper to sit and eat if we had a mind to. Wanda, Joey, and I did so, while a couple of New Year’s Eve-appropriate movies played (one was The Hudsucker Proxy. One was not.)

After we were done and headed back down to the lobby, George beckoned me to come sit and talk with him. He mentioned the launch party for Steve’s book, and asked if I’d be interested in having him throw a similar event for DinoLords.

Because I am polite, I did not at once scream, “OH, HOLY FUCK, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!” Because I am no fool I told him I was thrilled and honored at the invitation, and accepted at once, with thanks.

(What?  You didn’t think I said “no,” did you?)

He said he’d email me a formal invite later, and we went on with enjoying the party and seeing in the New Year. Which was swell.

Anyway, last night the email invite arrived, and the details were decided upon. He says they do well with these author events (the next one is this Sunday for Carrie Vaughn, author of the best-selling Kitty Norville series as well as a Wild Cards author, who is awesome, so you should totally go.) George also says Monday nights work well for them – and the next Monday after the July 28th release date is my birthday.


One thing I’m disappointed with is that The George himself will not be there – he has commitments on the East Coast. But I know how that goes.

It’s also minor, in the Cosmic Scheme. The key thing here is: George R. R. Freakin’ Martin is hosting the launch party for my book at his own personal movie theater. That’s, uh. HUGE.

And thanks, of course, to George for his kindness. He has done vast amounts to help me, especially with DinoLords.  Not least by providing the perfect elevator pitch/cover blurb. This is yet one more great favor he has done me.

Meanwhile, Claire “The Editor” Eddy has been informed, and professes herself delighted, huge surprise. She also says she’ll have the galleys for the first book to me soon, and the edits for Book II (The Dinosaur Knights, so far) in a couple weeks.

So, there it is. Consider yourself invited. It’s gonna be great.

And as always – thanks for reading!

Dennis Virzi
Hmm, I just might have to be there.
You might indeed! Hope you can make it, my friend.
Dennis Virzi
Still a go? About time to plan the trip, just sayin'.

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