Dinosaurian Bucket List

Not for dinosaurs. Except for birds, that ship sailed 66 million years ago.

So Steve “S. M.” Stirling (that name will come up later, spoilers) and I have a mild and jocular debate going on: he claims we (in our early sixties) are doomed to be the last generation to die before human lifespans get vastly extended.

I maintain that, with a little luck, if we can just hold on a few more years, we’ll slide in under the wire.

In any event, I never saw fit to start myself a “bucket list.” At least till now.


“RAWR means RAWR, unfortunately bald little dromaeosaur!”

Yeah. I need to hit at least some of these before I die. I’m especially hipped on the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada, since my friend Randi Tinkham Hewett turned me on to it. And also  Jurassic Land, since for the last few years I’ve had the conviction I needed to visit Istanbul, inexplicably – except for my love of history, since the city’s drenched in the stuff.

And you can help me … by continuing to do the good work of spreading the word about my upcoming epic fantasy, The Dinosaur Lords, to all your friends and family! Please. And more to the point, you can ensure the continuation of the series by getting the word out. The only way the tales keep coming (especially the second half of the story arc that the first trilogy only begins) is if the things sell.

Thanks so much for what you’ve done already! It’s been a huge amount, and a huge help. And with the release date now less than six weeks away (!) (ulp), it remains important to keep that momentum building.

Remember, you can read samples from The Dinosaur Lords online at Tor.com! And of course, please feel free to steer the curious their way.

Onto other projects: thanks so much to That American Tolkien Guy himself, George RR Martin, for kindly and ably hosting and emceeing last night's Mass Autographing for The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth, and to the Violet Crown Cinema for providing an excellent venue after George's own Jean Cocteau Cinema got preempted by some big, loud movie about dinosaurs! The Violet Crown is brand new and quite nice, and we got a fine turn-out, mostly filling the small theater they devoted to us. We had fun, and the audience seemed to as well. Plus the Cocteau staff sold out of the books they brought, which was great.

If you like fine fantasy, you might give that one a whirl, too. There’s a mighty fine line-up of authors. And of course I’ve got a story in it, which was a total hoot to write and which I love, candidly. And remarkably enough, I’m not the only one!

So big thanks as well to anthology editor (and contributor, natch) Steve Stirling for letting me play in his way-cool Emberverse pool! Hope we sell enough for a second one, so I can continue the adventures of my hero, the titular Seeker, Zamora. And so I can read my buddy John Jos. Miller’s “Bernie and the Jewels of Okechobee,” sequel to his most bodacious (and resplendently titled) “Bernie. Lords of the Apes” in this volume.

Stayed tuned, kiddies! Stuff keeps happening, and not even I know what comes next!

And, as always – thanks for reading!

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