We’re Goin’ Back….

Yes, we’re going back -

But for what?


Can I get a mighty RAWWWWWWR!!?

Thought I could.

So yeah, a couple weeks ago – has it been only three weeks since the book came out? (spoilers: yes) – after I pointed out the Nuevaropa map had not actually made it into the book, I got contacted by the UK’s Rhys Davies, the artist who did the excellent map of La Merced that did come out. He needed info to do, yes, the Tyrant’s Head map on what he termed a “crash” basis. Which I of course was eager to provide.

At the time I suspected strongly that meant that Tor was already looking at going back to press on the book. Why else a rush job? My good friend and avid book collector Kevin Hewett suggested they were going to put it on the Errata page for the novel. Which they may do, or indeed have done.

But I didn’t buy that as the explanation. Unless it’s for nuke launch codes or something on that level, nobody does a rush job on errata.

So today I got the word from the excellent Claire “The Editor” Eddy: they want 2500 more copies, and they want ‘em now.


That’s big. Not Hollywood-sale big (fingers crossed!) But big.

In other news – in the 10 days from my Cocteau Launch, inclusive, I did four signings. Thanks to Craig Chrissinger and Page 1 Bookstore; Mike Rankin of Hudson News; and Kelly Orazi, Patrick Heffernan, R.J. “Rob” Crowther Jr. and the rest at Mysterious Galaxy, for which my long-time pal and partner in crime Melinda Snodgrass and I took an overnight trip to San Diego. Which was my very first time being sent on  a trip by my publisher to make an appearance. Which I enjoyed. Thanks, Tor!

And a special thank-you to Rob for lending me suave T. rex and Triceratops dinosaur toys from Papo to use as props! They were pretty awesome. T. rex even had individually modeled teeth! And articulated jaws! Plus Rob also kindly gave us a lift back to our hotel.

I liked it. Especially the part where Tor paid for everything.

In other news, the video interview Emily Mah Tippetts did of me at the group signing for S. M. "Steve" Stirling's anthology The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth, also at Page 1, has turned up on Black Gate, as well as Emily's own website. I finally nerved myself to watch it last night and … I came off as pretty personable and interesting, despite looking shifty-eyed, crazy, and perpetually surprised. Also a text interview with me is up on My Bookish Ways.

My next appearance, along with George R. R. Martin and, well, everybody, will be at the Mass Autographing Session at Bubonicon 47. Details for it as well as my other upcoming signings can be found here.

And in the meantime, those crazy, wonderful Brazilian folks at DarkSide Books have done it again. Oh, and then there’s the awesome birthday greeting they did for me! Thanks, guys!

And as for all of you – thanks for reading!

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