Dinosaur Moon!

But first – it ain’t on the Amazon page for The Dinosaur Lords yet, but Claire "The Editor" Eddy emailed me today to tell me that the mass market paperback is due out in May, 2016!

2015-09-27 - Dino Blood Moon - Billah Muhammad - Inhabitants of Burque Facebook Group


(Photo Credit:  “Dino Blood Moon” by Billah Muhammad, from the Inhabitants of Burque Facebook Group)


Also we got a release date for Book II: The Dinosaur Knights:  it hits shelves July 5th, 2016!

But wait!  There’s more!  So much more.

So I was waiting for breakfast on my way back from a signing in Scottsdale, Arizona (of which more anon) when I fired up my trusty Asus EEE and saw the Tor Books reveal page (hit the date above.) And on that page was -



(You knew the roar was coming. Don’t pretend you didn’t.)

- that.

Yes, Mad British Art Wizard Richard Anderson has done it again! And the consensus is it's even better than the first. If such a thing is even possible!

I admit it’s amazingly, drop-dead gorgeous. And eye-catching – red! It’s got red! – which you may recognize as almost the entire purpose of a cover painting. But I can’t quite bring myself to give it the nod, because there’s only one first time, baby. And seeing the original cover drop last Fall was, quite literally, a life-changing experience for me.

Anyway … signings. I been doing signings! And my first official publisher set-up-and-paid for author’s tour has come to a close. (And my Webmaster Supreme,  Ron Miles, has even brilliantly installed a handy Appearances page, with the link on the tab right there up above! Two out of three went great! Thanks to the kind folks at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego; and our Scottsdale venue, Sip Coffee & Beer House, sponsor Poisoned Pen Bookstore, and organizer Lee Whiteside for doing an excellent job for us, and making us welcome.

(As for the third, the less said, the better.)

Anyway, I ain’t done. Oh, my, no!  As you can see from the Appearances page, Archon 39 will be presenting Guest of Honor Jacqueline Carey, Toastmistress Esther Friesner, and Masquerade MC me in a Pre-Archon reading, panel discussion, and signing at Left Bank Books in St. Louis at 7:00 PM, Thursday, October 1st.

Also my actual Archon signing is set: Sunday, October 4th at 1:00 PM, at the Signing Table inside the Gateway Convention Center, with Esther Friesner, Murv Sellars, and Jim D. Gillentine. So you’ll have two – yes, two! – chances to come meet me in the flesh and get your copy of DinoLords signed!

There’s more. But I have far more to do than that before The Artist Known As WYLD and I set sail for St. Louis!  So, be there. Aloha.

And as always – thanks for reading!

 *And yes. I know it’s actually an Albertosaurus. Sue me. They’re totally tyrannosaurids, anyway.

In fact ,she’s Alberta the Albertosaurus, by Albuquerque sculptor Dave Thomas, a statue out be front of New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, alongside Spike the Pentaceratops! They're  très cool, as is the Museum itself! You should check it out.

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