In Which Video Fails To Kill The Radio Star. I Hope.

Although, granted, it might be a bit of a stretch calling myself a radio star, on the basis of having been an all-night prog-rock DJ back in the mid-Seventies. But I was popular! Among insomniacs.


Jack Williamson With Hugp

Jack Williamson. The man, the legend.

No, seriously.

You know I’m Guest of Honor at the 2016 Jack Williamson Lectureship at ENMU next week, yes? As a promotion for it, Daniel “I’m Half of James S. A. Corey!” Abraham and I will be appearing on Lorene Mills legendary Report From Santa Fe television show, along with JWL show-runner and all-around swell person Patrice Caldwell, at Ohmygodpleasekillmenow AM on Sunday on KNME-TV. Otherwise known as 8:00 o’clock.

(Click here for other times and stations!)

Really, we’re largely doing doing it as a not particularly subtle pitch to save the excellent Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library from threatened budget cuts. Which we were glad to do, because it's suave, and a damned important resource on New Mexico literary history as well as the science fiction and fantasy genre as a whole. And of course, the people involved with the Library, and the Lectureship, are good people.  (The Library, and its special collections librarian – and regular Bubonicon attendee - Gene Bundy, recently got a shout-out from The Register here.)

A couple weeks ago the also excellent Patricia Rogers, who works for both Danny and his partner Ty "I'm Also Half of James S. A. Corey!" Franck as a personal assistant (a role she once ably performed for That American Tolkien Guy, George R. R. Martin), kindly drove us up to meet with Lorene at their studios in the actual State legislature building. Which I can never see without recalling the characterization I saw of it when it was built back in the Sixties - that it resembled a "merry-go-round of privies." Which .... isn't wrong.

Anyway, Lorene was gracious and well-informed, as she always is – she’s a big booster of NM science fiction and fantasy creators, among other flavors. The studio was, as promised, the size of a broom closet. But we soldiered through, and got to see some of the cool art they have in the hallways.

Fortunately, the building does not resemble a privy from the inside. Except the restrooms. And even them – not so close. Thankfully. (I’ve been in privies.)

Anyway, the show goes up on the Report From Santa Fe website sometime after it airs, so if you don’t have access to NM channels (or, like me, that time of day), you can catch it then. It should be entertaining, at least.

And as always – thanks for reading!

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