The Return of the Blog – and Book III!

Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me?

Yes, I have an excuse. And it’s actually a pretty good one. This:


Yes, as in writing it. Yes, as in Book III of The Dinosaur Lords Trilogy! Yes, it’s due out on August 15th, 2017.

Yes, you can preorder it – so far, in hardcover only – from Amazon by clicking the image above. Or here. No Kindle yet, nor Barnes & Noble. But they’re surely coming. (And please remember, you can help support your local fantasy writer by clicking links on this here blog to buy my stuff!)

I was also busy doing a fair amount other stuff. But mostly that. Writing it largely consumed my life from summer into fall, which may not be too terribly surprising.

The reason I finally stirred my stumps and got back on here was that first, I only found out the official release date today. And second, that I spent the day expecting to get the copyedited manuscript for The Dinosaur Princess today, so I could hop on working on it. However, as the hours passed and no ms. materialized in my email inbox, I began to fidget, and finally sent off a gentle query.

Long made short, I got back from a gorgeous afternoon walk down by the Río Grande Nature Center with the Mouse Dog to learn that there’d been some mixed-up communication, and I won’t be getting the copyedits for about another month.

On the one hand, I’ve been prepping myself to launch onto reviewing the ms. for about six weeks, which I believe is approximately the time since I was given the December 14th date. (Good Goshawk Gravy, it’s already December the 14th?) So there’s substantial letdown involved.

On the other hand, the fact that I won’t be grinding through Christmas and possibly New Year does not exactly break my danged heart. (It was due back on January 6th of 2017, which to me, being half Puerto Rican, is Three Kings Day. Which is kind of Second Christmas.) 

Also, there’s other stuff I can work on during that time. It’s just not as intense as dealing with the copyedited manuscript would be. We’re talking about a book that was submitted at 144,119 words, after all.

(Yes, I may have gotten a little carried away.)

Anyway. So there’s some other things going on I can tell you about – and even more potentially exciting stuff, I can’t, yet – but I have to hold something back to motivate myself to write another entry in this here poor, neglected blog tomorrow, you know?

See you then.

And as always – thanks for reading!

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