In Which I’m Somebody Now!

Yes, at last I’ve arrived.

I have my own TV Tropes page!


Hi! Remember me?

I was excited enough to discover a few years back that Wild Cards had a TV Tropes page of its own. This one I’m really stoked about.

It seems … comprehensive. They have certainly put more work into ferreting out Tropes in my work than I have the energy to plow through, I must confess. Their summary of Book I is pretty good, although Jaume does respect Felipe – he just thinks he’s wrong about waging war on his own people. (Spoilers … he’s right. Although some pretty unexpected people on the other side of that debate are, too. Just not the way they think.)

I was a bit puzzled by something I found in the Tropes I did glance through. I do in fact have no clue whom the Hell the “King of the Trinia swamp” might be. While the TV Tropes contributor amusingly hits upon my personal name for Melodía’s friends and ladies-in-waiting – I call ‘em her "Princess Posse" – it’s not just my notoriously unreliable memory that doesnt turn him up:  a Search of all text in my folder devoted to the whole damn Dinosaur Lords project turns up nada about a “Trinia,” swamp or otherwise.

Anyway, sweet! Thanks to the excellent Nicolase Mallat on Facebook, who stumbled on the page by sheer accident, for calling it to my attention last night!

In other news, if you click on my mention of the name up there, you will find that we’ve got a brand spanky-new Wild Cards World page, meant to be the go-to source for all things concerning everybody favorite thirty-years-running shared-world project! (And by “everybody’s, I mean, “mine.” Well, ours.) There’re even new articles by various Wild Cards authors! So check it out if you have not.

More soon. No, really, this time.

And as always – thanks for reading!

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