Dinosaur Tales Discovered!

But not preserved in amber. Instead, they’re preserved on Kindle!

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Insert obligatory RAWR!!1! here.

Yes, I and a raptor-pack of other authors have just dropped The Jurassic Chronicles, a bundle of dinosaur tales, on Kindle. It’s a big bundle, too, featuring stories not just by me, but by writers people have actually heard of, like Laxmi Hariharan and Seanan McGuire, and edited by Samuel Peralta! And they’re only 99¢ a pop*! So why not buy?

That’s a limited-time offer right there, so if you want this steamin’ chunk o’ tasty dino for a buck, you’d best get on it. You can do so by clicking on the image above, or any of a the innumerable other links I’ve scattered around this post!

My contribution is called “A Spear For Allosaur.” And yes, it is set on Paradise, very firmly in The Dinosaur Lords cycle. In fact, you might consider it an origin story for a character you may remember from the books. Or maybe even two….

My pal, fellow Critical Mass writers group member, and all-around hot writer Emily Mah Tippetts dropped a sweet advance notice here on her site, with some kind words for my story. (And mega-thanks to Emily for getting me into the anthology in the first place!)

In other news, The Dinosaur Princess, Book III of the Dinosaur Lords trilogy, is now available for pre-order in Kindle, as well as in hardcover from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! It drops August 15th, 2017.

Meanwhile, Book II, The Dinosaur Knights, is available for pre-order in mass market paperback. It comes out on May 30th, 2017.

Please remember, you can support my writing endeavor and help keep Squeak, Yoshi, and Fumi Kitties as well as the Mouse Dog from having to go out and find paying work by buying through the Amazon links above.

Also, I ask you, please, to do me a very great favor: if you read one of my books (including Jurassic Chronicles, of course), please consider taking a moment and dropping a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. The ratings there have real-world impact, so if you want to keep reading my stories of Paradise – or other yarns of mine, for that matter – you could help the cause greatly by leaving your own.

Remember, kiddies: The Jurassic Chronicles for $.99 is a limited-time offer. so if you want it – and really, why would you not? – hop right on over and grab it.

And as always – thanks for reading!

*For the perplexed, “99¢” = “$.99.” Some folks would render that as “.99¢” Which’d really mean it’s on sale for just shy of a penny. Which it ain’t. Don’t be that guy.

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