Wild Cards: Game On!

Huzzah! Tor Books finally let the shoe drop on Publisher’s Weekly: nine (9) (Nein? Doch. ja!) new Wild Cards books are in the offing.

Yippee-ki-yay, jokers.

Turn of the Cards original cover

And yes, the title is a reference to this. Because I have no power over late-Sixties/early Seventies rock.

Here’s a fuller account That American Tolkien guy, GRRM Himself, let drop on his Not A Blog this morning. Tor is bringing out five reprints, of Wild Cards volumes 8-12; a compilation of Wild Cards stories from Tor.com; a solo novel (i.e., by a single author), and a pair of new “mosaic novel” anthologies.

And all that comes after the next three volumes, Mississippi Roll, Low Chicago, and Texas Hold ‘Em – in the third of which I finally get a story, introducing a couple new characters plus the return of an oldie you probably never expected to see again ! Not to tantalize you or anything. (/lying)

For me the biggest news is that the book whose cover is shown up there, Turn of the Cards, is Wild Cards 12. As in, the last of the five books being reprinted by Tor. It’s another solo novel. And I am that solo author. 

If you thought Mark Meadows, aka hippie ace with “friends” Cap’n Trips, was in over his ponytailed head before….

The new books will bring us up to Volume 30 in the Wild Cards saga. Although, as George points out in his post, you don’t have to start at the beginning and slog your way through all of them to understand what’s going on. Inside Straight (Kindle) and Fort Freak (Kindle) are both good starting points.

Speaking of plowing your way through the series from the beginning, while you’re waiting on the new arrivals, the promised Wild Cards reread is now going on over at Tor.com right now. Check it out!

Sad note: RIP my cat, Squeak, March, 1996-March 5th, 2017. My beloved little companion of an entire third of my life died of congestive heart failure Sunday morning at 1:20. She was ready to go, and went easily. I miss her. And I’m slowly discovering the true size of the hole her loss leaves in my life.

Stay tuned for more news. And as always – thanks for reading!

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