Fan Art Meets The Dinosaur Lords!

And it’s pretty sweet!

Karyl & Shiraa At The River Hassling by Joe Stansbury

Visit scenic Nuevaropa, where you can get gored and eaten by armored dinosaurs. In the rain!

They don’t call this world “Paradise” for nothin’!

Illustrator Joe Stansbury just posted this on Twitter today. He’s a professional illustrator – you can see more of his work by clicking his name riight there. But he’s kindly chosen to do some excellent fan art for The Dinosaur Lords!

You can see a full-size version of the image, which he describes as a “mock cover,” by clicking on the small version above. Or here. It depicts my protagonist, Voyvod Karyl Bogomirskiy, mounted on his beloved Allosaurus Shiraa, leading his famed White River Legion of war-Triceratops to the attack across the River Hassling, at the opening Battle of Gunters Moll.

Thanks, Joe! I really appreciate it.

I really love this kind of thing, and invite more of it. It thrills me when readers are passionate enough about the fictons I create to want to participate them in them directly: through fan art, cosplay, and even, unlike some of my esteemed fellow authors (*cough* George *cough*), even fan fiction.

To me this kind of thing means I succeeded in more than just my primary goal of entertaining my readers. It tells me that I transported them to a different time and place. And that’s awesome. It’s why I devote enormous effort to creating worlds which are as realistic, functional, and detailed as possible: to make them feel feel.

(And then I devote further enormous effort to not dumping everything I know about the world on the page, but that’s another story. One far too familiar to the esteemed fellow members of my writers group, Critical Mass.)

Please feel free to send me your fan art and cosplay, should you feel moved to do so, and I’ll spotlight it here on my blog. (And, therefore, also on Twitter, facebook, and Google+.)

However – and this is key:


It’s not because I don’t appreciate it and encourage it as well.  it’s because, given the current legal climate, I DARE NOT READ FAN FICTION BASED ON MY WORK.

Thank you for your cooperation with that as well.

A hearty thank-you to Joe Stansbury, once again, for his beautiful work.

And as always - thanks for reading!

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