In Which I Dance

Most triumphantly! And therefore, of course, also roar:

You knew this was coming. Hope you covered your ears.

I have not one but two triumphs to celebrate, and they are T. rex-mighty ones indeed!

1. Yesterday I paid off the mortgage on my house, which I bought in 1987.

2. I just a handful of minutes ago sent off the proposal for a brand-new novel – the proposed first volume of a Dieselpunk trilogy – called The Diesel Magi, to my Super-Agent, Kay McCauley, at the request of my editor at Tor, Claire Eddy.

And I am stoked.

Diesel Magi is just your standard, everyday story of giant monsters, Lovecraftian horror, dark humor, and, of course, two-fisted pulp adventure. And – I know; I’m biased – it’s awesome.

A couple years ago I started trying to develop a secondary project to the little thing I like to call The Dinosaur Lords. Now, DinoLords remain my primary project and first love. But I don’t like having just a single Parasaurolophus to ride. And also – well, we all know I love dinosaurs and all. But I contain a whole lot of other stories than just the ones set on Paradise. I want to write some of them, too.

There are other candidates, of course – I’m full of ideas. (No, you need not add, “And other things….” That’s given.) And indeed, having sent this proposal off into the cold, cruel world with a smile and a tear, I’ll no doubt continue working on them, too.

It just turned out that the Dieselpunk concept – which adds my own special kind of magick to the mix (no, not some mystic ability of mine – the damned story has magick in it!), as well as, yes, daikaiju – was the one that jumped up and grabbed my face imagination hardest. To the extent that last fall I sat just down and wrote a novella, in about three days, called “The Call of the Koloss. And, yeah – working that into final form and submitting it somewhere is high on my list of potential Next Things To Do.

It was just a ton of fun.  A Dieselpunk world feels very natural to me, in no small part because I was born in 1954, surrounded by examples of the Diesel (and Deco) era’s signature Streamline Moderne  design. And the elements I mentioned above are all things I love.  And oddly enough, when I whipped them all together – they worked.

Or so I thought.  And Critical Mass, my writers group, loved the story, too.  So I ran straight on and worked up the idea for a novel – an entire trilogy, in fact.

(Yes, I like trilogies, or even more-parted series. Like reading ‘em. Like writing ‘em.)

I had just finished an early draft of the thing when Claire asked to see some ideas for a new project from me.  Heh, heh.

Serendipity strikes again!

Anyway, now … we wait.

But that’s not all. Because, incidentally, now I have to write two more new tales, a short story and a novella, by the first of June.

No pressure.

But – I got this. And really, it’ll be fun.

Can’t tell you more about them until they’re done and shipped off too. So you’ll just have to stay tuned….

And, as always – thanks for reading!

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