Dinosaur Knights Prepare The Way!


2017-07-20 Dinosaur Knights Ride In! 001 IMG_20170720_182653442

Some random Parasaurolophus, Big Sally, Snowflake, Shiraa, and Camellia help me celebrate the big arrival!

(Yes, I know they’re the wrong colors. Work with me, here.)

Yes, my author’s copies of the mass-market version of The Dinosaur Knights arrived yesterday! And here it only came out on May 30. (I’m told the Tor warehouse screwed up sending them to me; thanks to Claire “The Editor” Eddy’s also-excellent assistant Kristin Temple for getting me some.)

And what are those dino-riding knights preparing the way for? The Dinosaur Princess in hardcover, of course! Due out August 15th! And available for pre-order by clicking on the title. You can also pre-order it in Kindle form, though I can’t decently recommend you pay the absurdly extortionate price of $13 for a freaking ebook. If you insist, though….

But Book I, The Dinosaur Lords, is now available on Kindle for $3! Which is actually a reasonable price, and what I wish they’d charge for this one.

(Warning! Keep reading only if you want to see Cute Cat Pictures!)

But first - boy, aren’t mass market paperbacks a funny, ugly size these days? This one looks all out of proportion. Did some marketing genius say, “Hey, I’m sure all these young people today will read books again if we make them shaped like their iPhones! Millennials are cray for iPhones! ‘Cray’ is slang for crazy! I am hip and in tune with the youth of today!”

Anyway, naturally Prince Yoshi also had to help the dinos:

 2017-07-20 Dinosaur Knights Ride In! 011 Yoshi Looks Back! IMG_20170720_182740178

And Mutant Princess Fumi-Chan was not about to let her older brother have potential fun without her:

2017-07-20 Dinosaur Knights Ride In! 014 Fumi-Chan! IMG_20170720_182808046

I captured her looking at me when I called her name. Unfortunately, I missed her meowing in response to my saying her name, as she does.

And as I do, I’m busily at work on several Seekrit Projekts, some of which are quite new! Stay tuned for eventual news about them – as well as imminent tidings on DinoPrincess!

And, as always – thanks for reading!

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