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In Which I Dance


Most triumphantly! And therefore, of course, also roar:

You knew this was coming. Hope you covered your ears.

I have not one but two triumphs to celebrate, and they are T. rex-mighty ones indeed!

1. Yesterday I paid off the mortgage on my house, which I bought in 1987.

2. I just a handful of minutes ago sent off the proposal for a brand-new novel – the proposed first volume of a Dieselpunk trilogy – called The Diesel Magi, to my Super-Agent, Kay McCauley, at the request of my editor at Tor, Claire Eddy.

And I am stoked.

The Return of the Blog – and Book III!


Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me?

Yes, I have an excuse. And it’s actually a pretty good one. This:


Yes, as in writing it. Yes, as in Book III of The Dinosaur Lords Trilogy! Yes, it’s due out on August 15th, 2017.

Yes, you can preorder it – so far, in hardcover only – from Amazon by clicking the image above. Or here. No Kindle yet, nor Barnes & Noble. But they’re surely coming. (And please remember, you can help support your local fantasy writer by clicking links on this here blog to buy my stuff!)

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