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In Which I Happily Dance!


I invite you all to join me now in a most triumphant Tyrannosaur Roar: RAWR!!1!

And to share my Dinosaur Happy Dance!


There are many images for Dinosaur Happy Dance online, because of course there are.

Image credit PD 4 Pic.

Okay, Pterosaur Happy Dance*.  Totally not a dinosaur.  But it counts!

As to why – I just finished reviewing and fixing the copyedited manuscript for The Dinosaur Knights, and sent it in to Tor!

Dinosaur Moon!


But first – it ain’t on the Amazon page for The Dinosaur Lords yet, but Claire "The Editor" Eddy emailed me today to tell me that the mass market paperback is due out in May, 2016!

2015-09-27 - Dino Blood Moon - Billah Muhammad - Inhabitants of Burque Facebook Group


(Photo Credit:  “Dino Blood Moon” by Billah Muhammad, from the Inhabitants of Burque Facebook Group)


Also we got a release date for Book II: The Dinosaur Knights:  it hits shelves July 5th, 2016!

But wait!  There’s more!  So much more.

One Week!


Yes, The Dinosaur Lords launches one week from today! RAWR!!1!

2015-07-21 DinoLords Postcards Arrive! 018 IMG_20150721_175124 crop

The postcards, visible at the top of the picture, arrived on my porch this morning from Tor Books, courtesy of my publicist, Leah Withers. The bookplate, lower left, and business card (front and rear view, lower right), came in last week. They’re done by my good friends Sara M. Harvey and Matt Schwartz at J & J Printers, Inc.

Ain’t they purty?

On The Inside….


So, just as they said they would, Tor dropped a teaser look at some of the interior illustrations for The Dinosaur Lords today.

Yep. You heard that right.

And how are they?


Creators’ truth, until I saw the big version on, I didn’t realize this was the Bocaterrible (Pliosaurus funkei, aka Predator X) eatin’ pirates from an actual sequence  in the book.

Well, given that they’re done by Richard Anderson, the same Art Wizard who did The Cover, just about the way you’d expect.

The Dinosaur Invasion Has Begun!



2015-02-11 Dinosaur Invasion Begins! 006 IMG_20150211_135807 1024x768px

Say hello to your new saurian masters!

Your … Dinosaur Lords, if you will.

They’re here! The “uncorrected advance reading copies” – meaning, bound galleys, I guess?

They’re gorgeous. Oh, holy carp. My modest camera skills do not do them justice.

And they have the INTERIOR ILLOS. Which are AWESOME.

Up In Smoke


That’s where, for the first two days I’ve been trying it, my pious resolve to follow my new tentative work/doing schedule – so I can start getting on top of things, you know? – has gone the moment I checked my email.

Today it’s because of this:

2015-01-28 DinoLords ARC via Tor Twitter!

As I told Tor, the toy dino is a stroke of genius.


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