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In Which I Know When to Hold ’Em


Wait, what’s this? A new Wild Cards anthology? That actually has a story by me in it? And is coming out in 2018? Maybe?


No, not this one. It’s the awesome Michael Komarck cover for an upcoming rerelease of a Wild Cards classic. But I am in it, inasmuch as that’s my ace villain Mackie Messer right up there.

Why, yes. And you can read all about it from That American Tolkien Guy himself right here!

Wild Cards: The fan trailer!


So, possibly in honor of the release of the new Wild Cards collaborative novel Lowball, which is also available on Kindle here - click the links to buy, and support a deserving author even if he doesn't happen to be in the book! - a fan decided to post a book trailer for the series on YouTube.


This may not be the Wild Cards movie we want - yet.

But it is definitely the Wild Cards LEGO (!) trailer we need.

Okay, apparently not for the release, since it's dated April 10th. 

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