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Permanent Vacation, Paradise Style!


Okay, that probably sounds unnecessarily ominous. What I mean is that, rather than trying to hunt for Your Ticket to Paradise! when you're trying to figure out where on Paradise anything is, whilst reading the senses-shattering epic fantasy, The Dinosaur Lords. Instead, thanks to the magic of my Web-Master Supreme, Ron Miles, you can easily see it any old time!

Victor Milan - THE DINOSAUR LORDS - Nuevaropa with scale

No, not here. Okay, here, too. But just wait for it, okay?

So where, I pretend to hear you ask, can you find the new, easily accessible home for your map of the Empire of Nuevaropa?

Your Ticket to Paradise!


Part of it, anyway.

As you know, I hope, the super-suave advanced reading copies  of The Dinosaur Lords have been loosed on the world. Last week, more or less, I got a query from a bookseller in England who was reading the copy Tor had sent him, telling me he got more out of fantasy if he had an idea of where everything, you know, was, and asking me if I could take some time to explain it to him.

I told him, “Nope!”

Victor Milan - THE DINOSAUR LORDS - Nuevaropa with scale

They always tell writers, “Show, don’t tell,” right?

Instead I sent him the above.

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