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The First Step Is A Doozy


So a week ago Sunday I went to the wonderful memorial for Roger Zelazny hosted by George R. R. Martin at his Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe. It was touching – and good to be reminded that my late friend and Wild Cards colleague wasn’t just one of the greatest writers ever, but a really great guy.

The audience was in large part a rogues’ gallery of New Mexico SF/F writers, unsurprisingly. And afterwards at the reception I heard from several of them a song I’ve heard before: my upcoming dinosaur fantasy novel is getting a lot of buzz.

Blogs of Destiny


Yes, I’m in a grandiose mood today. Deal.


Do I detect a note of influence from my buddy George here?

#7 on LA Weekly’s “The 10 Most Ridiculous Metal Album Covers of 2014.”

Because when I go grandiose, I don’t do half measures.

And now I have a Very Large Favor to ask of my Internet Master Mind: what magazines, blogs, and other outlets ought I suggest to Tor to send review copies of The Dinosaur Lords to, please?

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