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We Have A Winner!


We have a winner for our “nitpick your way to winning a free book” contest!


Congratulations to good friend, loyal Dinosaur Army member and sometime house and pet sitter, Nan Silvernail!

You win your choice of the audiobook of The Dinosaur Lords or an autographed hardcover copy of The Dinosaur Knights, Nan! When it actually comes out, of course. (July 5th, 2016, for those keeping score at home.)

Two Months!


Holy carp! That’s all that remains until the modest little tome I like to call The Dinosaur Lords comes out from Tor!

Not that I’m counting down the days, hours, and minutes until the culmination of twelve or thirteen years (I can’t even remember now) of work finally happens.  No, as you can see from my home page, I leave that up to the suave counter installed by my Web-Master Supreme, Ron Miles.


Please enjoy this epic title page, courtesy of Tor.com and artist Richard Anderson. 

Yeah. I’m scared. It’s my baby. It’s going out all alone into the cold, cruel world. Sniff.

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