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DinoLords: Presents From Brazil!


So a couple weeks ago I got a box left on my porch.  Been dilatory posting a pic of its amazing contents for the same reason I haven’t posted anything for too long: life got on top of me, in ways both good and bad. As life does.

Anyway, let’s remedy both those omissions with this:

2015-11-20 DinoLords Swag From DarkSide! 001 IMG_20151120_160744

Thanks, DarkSide!

DarkSide Books has clearly yet again outdone itself with its beautiful graphic design and promotional material. Of which it was kind and generous enough to send a sampling to me.

Dino Launch Gets A Boost!


It takes a lot to bump my getting my first-ever book trailer off the headline. But that was accomplished by the unexpected apparition of this little right here:

DinoLords Launch Trike!

Yes, that little baby comes from a plug for the Worldwide Launch Party at the Jean Cocteau Cinema for The Dinosaur Lords

By none other than George R. R. Martin his own bad self.

Yeah. That’s one more I owe the big guy.

The Dinosaurs Abroad!


Before the Roger Zelazny Memorial at the Jean Cocteau Cinema last month, my agent Kay McCauley came up to me outside the theater, gave me a hug, and said, "We have a Polish contract?"

Seriously, the inflection made it sound like a question. To which my witty riposte was, “We do?”

“Yes, and we’d be nuts not to take it.”

brazil_2014_3 500x377px

Here’s Brazilian theropod Pycnonemosaurus nevesi enjoying the Uberabatitan entrée in his natural environment, a Late Cretaceous woodland churrascaria.


 Since I seriously wasn’t expecting a major bidding war for Polish-language rights for The Dinosaur Lords, I naturally said, “Sure!”

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