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Dinosaurs Inside!



Surprise! A book called The Dinosaur Lords has dinosaurs in it. Who knew?

Well, not so fast, Captain Obvious Straw Man! There aren’t just dinosaurs made of words. There’s pictures.

Pretty pictures. Awesome pictures.

DinoLords_images_ra_01 Running Raptor 1024x683

I could also have entitled the post, “Horror Is The Thing With Feathers.”

Yes, to the wonderment and envy of my peers, The Dinosaur Lords has interior illustrations. And they're by the mad artistic genius behind The Cover, Richard Anderson.

There are ten of them. One appears at the beginning of each and every chapter of the book. Tor asked me to write a brief description of each one, including the background on the actual animal, and the role in plays in the novel.

Now, thanks to the fine folks at SF Signal, the first installment has appeared.

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Dinosaurs Inside!
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