Your Ticket to Paradise!


Part of it, anyway.

As you know, I hope, the super-suave advanced reading copies  of The Dinosaur Lords have been loosed on the world. Last week, more or less, I got a query from a bookseller in England who was reading the copy Tor had sent him, telling me he got more out of fantasy if he had an idea of where everything, you know, was, and asking me if I could take some time to explain it to him.

I told him, “Nope!”

Victor Milan - THE DINOSAUR LORDS - Nuevaropa with scale

They always tell writers, “Show, don’t tell,” right?

Instead I sent him the above.

The Dinosaur Invasion Has Begun!



2015-02-11 Dinosaur Invasion Begins! 006 IMG_20150211_135807 1024x768px

Say hello to your new saurian masters!

Your … Dinosaur Lords, if you will.

They’re here! The “uncorrected advance reading copies” – meaning, bound galleys, I guess?

They’re gorgeous. Oh, holy carp. My modest camera skills do not do them justice.

And they have the INTERIOR ILLOS. Which are AWESOME.



So who wants more awesome news about The Dinosaur Lords?

Too bad. You’re getting it anyway.

But it starts, oddly enough, with this.

Mechanical cover

Ian Tregillis is a good friend of mine, a demon writer of SF and Fantasy, and an astrophysicist. (No, really.) His wife, Sara Gmitter, posted a link to this suave review of his newest from Publishers Weekly on Facebook. I naturally reposted it on my own Timeline.

At which Sara came back promptly to thank me – and congratulate me for “Dinosaur Lords place on the top 10 list in that same issue of PW!”

What, now?

Up In Smoke


That’s where, for the first two days I’ve been trying it, my pious resolve to follow my new tentative work/doing schedule – so I can start getting on top of things, you know? – has gone the moment I checked my email.

Today it’s because of this:

2015-01-28 DinoLords ARC via Tor Twitter!

As I told Tor, the toy dino is a stroke of genius.


The Dinosaur Lords Expand Their Realm!


Which is a fancy way of saying that, after we linked to the novel on Amazon for pre-order in hardcover and Kindle the other day, I then discovered thanks to my friend Serge Broom that it could also be had on Barnes & Noble, in both dead-tree and Nook ebook form.


Now please enjoy this uncommonly hard-core painting of a Centrosaurus apertus.

Also, buzz continues to build for The Dinosaur Lords, huzzah!

Dinosaurs of the Amazon!


No, not the river in South America, although I gather the ones they have down there* are spectacular and colorful. But rather the online-seller-of-books-and-some-of-everything-else, Amazon.

Yes, The Dinosaur Lords is now up for pre-order there!

DinoLords-rev 450x684px

Get ‘em while they last!

Yes, the image is plastered all over the site – if it weren’t, my most excellent Webmaster Ron Miles would have fallen down on the job. And we know that’s not gonna happen. But here’s the actual cover. Complete with The Quote. (Sure, you may’ve seen it. But just in case….)

Now, you may wonder what the big deal is – the hardcover’s been available on Amazon for a month or so already. But the news here is -

Launching Dinos!


Okay, now, this is seriously great.

This here is the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It happens to be owned by one George R. R. Martin.


Photo credit:  Nashville Arts Magazine 

And thanks to That American Tolkien Guy, it will also be the site of the World Premier Launch Party for a modest little tome I like to call The Dinosaur Lords on Monday, August 3rd, 2015.

Which also happens to be my 61st birthday. How cool is that?

My Favorite Christmas Movies



Because it’s that time of year – and I’m trying to get myself to post here, to be on-the-nose about it – let’s count down my current faves.

5) Lethal Weapon – Because nothing says “L.A. Christmastime in the Eighties” like an opening scene of a drugged-out topless woman plunging to her death over a railing festooned with colored holiday lights! Also, of course, an all-time awesome actioner.

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