My Favorite Christmas Movies



Because it’s that time of year – and I’m trying to get myself to post here, to be on-the-nose about it – let’s count down my current faves.

5) Lethal Weapon – Because nothing says “L.A. Christmastime in the Eighties” like an opening scene of a drugged-out topless woman plunging to her death over a railing festooned with colored holiday lights! Also, of course, an all-time awesome actioner.

The Dinosaur Lord Conquers A New Domain!


I came, I saw, I conquered! As in, is mine!

You'll notice - because as a friend or reader of mine, you're sharp that way! - that it takes you to a familiar-looking destination. As in, one that has the exact same look as my regular page, Well, except for lacking the spiffalicious counter counting down the days until the release date of The Dinosaur Lords. But it basically links you to the same crunchy, dino-packed goodness as my home page does.

And by "conquered," I mean my good friend, the estimable Larry Hays, wondered if the domain was taken, checked it out, and on finding it was available, went and bought it for me!

Which was most assuredly cool and generous of him, and likewise merits a hearty Dinosaur Roar!

Rawr because RAWR!!1!

In fact, two minutes' worth!

Wild Cards: The fan trailer!


So, possibly in honor of the release of the new Wild Cards collaborative novel Lowball, which is also available on Kindle here - click the links to buy, and support a deserving author even if he doesn't happen to be in the book! - a fan decided to post a book trailer for the series on YouTube.


This may not be the Wild Cards movie we want - yet.

But it is definitely the Wild Cards LEGO (!) trailer we need.

Okay, apparently not for the release, since it's dated April 10th. 

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