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Yes, like unto the proverbial bad penny.

So my Worldwide Launch Party for The Dinosaur Lords happened at George R. R. Martin's Jean Cocteau Cinema. And it was swell!

Every Man A Dinosaur Lord! DSC_7361-Resized-DinoLords

Every Man A Dinosaur Lord! And Every Woman A Dinosaur Lady!

(Photo credit: Greg Derrick)

I went up early on the train with my Friend and Companion, The Artist Known As WYLD, and we loafed around Santa Fe for a spell. Then we went to the signing and I had a Hell of a time. Thanks to all of you for coming out, and everybody at the Cocteau who made it possible! And of course, special thanks to my long-time friend Melinda Snodgrass for doing a masterful job interviewing me.

We still make a great team.

Dino Launch Gets A Boost!


It takes a lot to bump my getting my first-ever book trailer off the headline. But that was accomplished by the unexpected apparition of this little right here:

DinoLords Launch Trike!

Yes, that little baby comes from a plug for the Worldwide Launch Party at the Jean Cocteau Cinema for The Dinosaur Lords

By none other than George R. R. Martin his own bad self.

Yeah. That’s one more I owe the big guy.

Worldwide Launch Party!


According to the suave ticker on my home page installed by equally-suave Webmaster Supreme Ron Miles, as I write this there are less than twelve hours till the senses-shattering official launch of The Dinosaur Lords!


T Rex Spaceship! 512x723px


Cool! But nope.

(Image credit: Dinosaur Cowboys)

But one week from today it’s my birthday – and an even more momentous occasion.

It’s the Official Worldwide Launch Party at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM, held there by the personal invitation of theater owner George R. R. Martin himself!

A Triceratops’ Tale!


You may not be aware, but I actually have an Official Logo. And it’s this:

Trike Basic 2-in 0001

Look for the Blue Triceratops Head!

A few months after I started writing The Dinosaur Lords on my birthday (August 3rd, for those keeping score at home) in 2003, my late friend Randy Clark suggested I needed a logo. I decided there could be but one choice: my favorite dinosaur, Triceratops horridus, in a fetching shade of blue.

One Week!


Yes, The Dinosaur Lords launches one week from today! RAWR!!1!

2015-07-21 DinoLords Postcards Arrive! 018 IMG_20150721_175124 crop

The postcards, visible at the top of the picture, arrived on my porch this morning from Tor Books, courtesy of my publicist, Leah Withers. The bookplate, lower left, and business card (front and rear view, lower right), came in last week. They’re done by my good friends Sara M. Harvey and Matt Schwartz at J & J Printers, Inc.

Ain’t they purty?

Dinosaurs Inside!



Surprise! A book called The Dinosaur Lords has dinosaurs in it. Who knew?

Well, not so fast, Captain Obvious Straw Man! There aren’t just dinosaurs made of words. There’s pictures.

Pretty pictures. Awesome pictures.

DinoLords_images_ra_01 Running Raptor 1024x683

I could also have entitled the post, “Horror Is The Thing With Feathers.”

Yes, to the wonderment and envy of my peers, The Dinosaur Lords has interior illustrations. And they're by the mad artistic genius behind The Cover, Richard Anderson.

There are ten of them. One appears at the beginning of each and every chapter of the book. Tor asked me to write a brief description of each one, including the background on the actual animal, and the role in plays in the novel.

Now, thanks to the fine folks at SF Signal, the first installment has appeared.

The Dinosaurs Abroad!


Before the Roger Zelazny Memorial at the Jean Cocteau Cinema last month, my agent Kay McCauley came up to me outside the theater, gave me a hug, and said, "We have a Polish contract?"

Seriously, the inflection made it sound like a question. To which my witty riposte was, “We do?”

“Yes, and we’d be nuts not to take it.”

brazil_2014_3 500x377px

Here’s Brazilian theropod Pycnonemosaurus nevesi enjoying the Uberabatitan entrée in his natural environment, a Late Cretaceous woodland churrascaria.


 Since I seriously wasn’t expecting a major bidding war for Polish-language rights for The Dinosaur Lords, I naturally said, “Sure!”

One Month


The Dinosaur Lords gets released one month from today: July 28th, 2015!

That’s not scary at all.

Scary T. rex 1024x576px

Don’t worry, sweetie. He’s more afraid of you than you are of him.

It’s exciting, sure. But … whoa! Lot of trepidation involved, I must admit.

Tor continues to do well by me. On Twitter they just trotted out The Quote again – you know the one I mean. And speaking of The Quote, I believe I forgot to link it a couple months ago when released the guest blog post they asked me to do where I tell the story of how it came about. So here it is.

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